Our Mission

We understand that creativity and talent alone aren’t enough when the world’s biggest issues are on the line. Working in the social sector means higher stakes, more complexity and heightened investment from everyone involved. And we’re experts at designing and guiding processes to suit these environments. Our clients appreciate the transparency, budget clarity and peace of mind we offer, even when there may be many unknowns.

Hugs over Handshakes.

Amy (our CEO) is quite the hugger.

Diversity is the only way.

Diversity = unique viewpoints, perspectives, and solutions.

Empathy, empathy, empathy.

"The highest form of knowledge is empathy." - Bill Bullard


About Amy (CEO)

Amy is a data-obsessed design nerd who dreams in charts and graphs. Dream In Color is a byproduct of her obsession, and she now specializes in working directly with clients to ensure that humanity driven technology is as beautiful/user-friendly, as it is informative and impactful.

In 2012, Amy received The Washingtonian award for always being a solid resource among peers within her industry. Per Toptal, Amy is one of the top 3% of Designers in the world!

About Chris (CTO)

Christopher specializes in the management, execution, and architecture of websites and applications for a myriad of clients in the education, research, finance, and government sectors. His expertise in both design and development has allowed him to successfully architect and lead teams of all sizes from conceptualization to completion.

As a designer and developer, Chris played an important role in the digital efforts that lead Georgetown University’s Alumni Campaign to reach a historic $1 Billion milestone in 2013. The following year he won an award from Western and Pacific Child Welfare Implementation Center.


Hunger, homelessness, and inconsistent access to electricity were non-negotiable realities for me as a child. My mom — a full-time nurse with long hours and low pay — raised our family as a single parent.

I grew up in poverty. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 10, which meant that the cost of my healthcare was another necessity - it was also another monthly expense. I was hospitalized well over 2 dozen times before my 18th birthday. I only met my first endocrinologist as an adult. For kids and minorities who are facing chronic health issues, like my autoimmune disease, the uncertain ability to access or pay for basic needs is like a looming, dark cloud.

Dream In Color is my healing. We improve healthcare for all patients and make healthcare technology more efficient and impactful by focusing on the user experience. I was the person who couldn’t access basic healthcare technology. I was the patient of overwhelmed doctors and nurses. Without the support of my community (friends, family, teacher, and non-profits) I really believe I wouldn’t be alive today. Technology is the biggest game-changer for healthcare, and building communities. With innovative work being done in telehealth and on medical devices and dashboards, the possibilities are endless!