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Dream In Color is a UI/UX Design & Development Agency. We build next-generation digital products that change lives.

Our Purpose

Technology continues to change the face of health care systems. Organizations must adapt current systems or build new ones to meet the demands of modern health care.

At Dream in Color, we create custom digital solutions and redesign legacy products using human-centered and intuitive design methods. We develop proven products that allow companies to measure performance, leverage data, and provide better services.

We've built unique solutions for leading organizations

Why choose Dream in Color?

Top Design Expertise.

Our CEO is one of the top 3% of UI/UX Designers in the world. We’ve worked with AstraZeneca, Population Reference Bureau, i2i Population Health, and more.

Health Care Experience. Patient Perspective.

Collectively we’ve been working in Healthcare for over two decades. We’re invested in your results because our CEO is a Type 1 Diabetic that’s focused on revolutionizing healthtech.

Rapid deployment.

We know that you needed your solution yesterday! We start quickly, get frequent feedback, and continuously collaborate with you until your project is complete.

Case Studies

Solutions. Designed for Health.

The healthcare organization that properly leverages data and technology will gain new capabilities to drive patient quality and cost outcomes. Dream In Color helps healthcare organizations like digital healthcare companies, physician practices, health systems, health insurers, and pharmaceutical companies to differentiate themselves and develop new capabilities.

Custom Claims Data Dashboard
Custom Population Health Interfaces
Care Management Interfaces
Educational Material
Dynamic Data Dashboard
Big Data Interfaces

Our Process: The Ideal
User Behavior Methodology

1. Feature

All effective solutions must stimulate users to explore without difficulty.

2. Analyze

Intuitive UI Patterns allow for users to navigate and find valuable information.

3. Integrate

Sharing information between applications is valuable to your users.

4. Take Action!

Gathering data and insights allows for you to take the right next steps.

Our Capabilities

UX Research

If you’re looking to improve the user experience of your product, or if you need help with the conceptulization of a new product - you should add this to your design package.

Here's what we'll give to you

  • UX Questionnaire and Audit
  • UX Strategic Analysis
  • Information Architecture and Interactive Prototype(s)

UI Design


What's New

Last Minute Lockdown: Why Healthcare Companies Need to Focus on UX to Maximize the Benefits of Telehealth

2020 is throwing us an awful lot of curveballs lately, and recent developments in healthcare technology have not been spared. With the rapid global spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), talk of social distancing quickly turned into government-mandated orders to stay at home in many places, with the goal of “flattening the curve,” or easing the burden on the world’s healthcare systems. Now, it seems that all we can do to keep from catching a bad case of cabin fever is tune into variations on the latest breaking news headlines akin to, “Social creatures adapting to life on lockdown.

This Small Purpose-Driven Company Dreams in Color to Save the World

In this post, we’re giving a summary of our latest podcast episode “Who Dreams In Color”. If you don’t have time to read the entire post, check out the link below! We’ve had a lot of conversations with people who were interested in what our name meant and the type of companies we aim to help. So we’re going to answer these questions now, dive into it, and give you the history of Dream In Color.

Data is more than a stupid Dashboard!

I apologize in advance for my tone, but I’m frustrated with the current state of the Data Dashboard! I’m one of the top 3% UI/UX design specialist in the world - the world … that’s no typo. My gifts lie in the exciting realm of…… Data Dashboard/Visualization Strategy! Way too often I come - I’m being nice - every minute of the day I come across a dashboard that looks like a damn coloring box (see the image above) - NO PRIORITIZATION, NO HIERARCHY, AND NO INTEGRATED/AUTOMATED WAY TO TAKE ACTION.

Design is Development, and Development is design.

The amazing thing about being a “creative” is that you can literally craft anything with a little elbow grease, hard work, dedication, and caffeine (yes, that’s a requirement). As a data-centric UI/UX Designer/Developer and Technologist and CTO it’s inspiring to see some of the incredible visualizations, dashboards, etc. that folks create to present what is often mind-numbingly complex information in ways that can be easily digested and acted upon. Remember, design is development, and development is design.

How to Transform Your Past into a Successful Future - An Interview with Amy Oughton, CEO of Dream in Color

Many clients have asked me about how I got started doing what I do now. What motivates me to pursue great technology for worthy causes? How do I avoid burnout? These are important questions for every entrepreneur. I’m going to open my heart up today with this Q&A post and answer five questions about why I got into helping others through technology in the first place. Here’s my story on how to transform your past into a successful future.

Messages from our clients

Hi Amy!

Joe and I wanted to send you a note to thank you for your work on the Hypertension R01 Grant for Henry Ford Hospitals.

You really nailed the key usability elements required and the work provides a crystal clear vision of what well designed technology can do.

While we are still a way off from knowing if/when that project will start, I wanted to give you a special shout out for your effort from the both of us.

Looking forward to kicking off the automated measures project soon... ;-)

Dear Dream in Color Team!

Just wanted to send a quick note to let you all know that we had a very successful event in NYC this afternoon. I did a demo on the database and it was a big hit!!! We also told all the participants to check out the web feature as well.

Just wanted to share the good news with you all and also wanted to THANK YOU all so much for all your hard work!

Hi Mark,

Thanks so much for the quick reply. The Dream In Color team has been incredibly helpful! Hope to be in touch soon with more information.

No worries. Just read your blogs. Our Culture - it resonated with me. And -How to transform your past - was moving and inspiring. Like I saw, what doesn't break you makes you. I'm really glad we've connected! You guys are a special team.